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Journal of Arid Land  2014, Vol. 6 Issue (2): 129-135    DOI: 10.1007/s40333-013-0244-1
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Can soil respiration estimate neglect the contribution of abiotic exchange?
Xi CHEN1*, WenFeng WANG1,2, GePing LUO1, Hui YE1
1 State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Urumqi 830011, China;
2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
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Abstract  This study examines the hypothesis that soil respiration can always be interpreted purely in terms of biotic processes, neglecting the contribution of abiotic exchange to CO2 fluxes in alkaline soils of arid areas that characterize 5% of the Earth’s total land surface. Analyses on flux data collected from previous studies suggested reconciling soil respiration as organic (root/microbial respiration) and inorganic (abiotic CO2 exchange) respiration, whose contributions in the total CO2 flux were determined by soil alkaline content. On the basis of utilizing meteorological and soil data collected from the Xinjiang and Central Asia Scientific Data Sharing Platform, an incorporated model indicated that inorganic respiration represents almost half of the total CO2 flux. Neglecting the abiotic module may result in overestimates of soil respiration in arid alkaline lands, which partly explains the long-sought “missing carbon sink”

Received: 12 March 2013      Published: 10 April 2014

This research was supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (2009CB825105).

Corresponding Authors: Xi CHEN     E-mail:
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Xi CHEN, WenFeng WANG, GePing LUO, Hui YE. Can soil respiration estimate neglect the contribution of abiotic exchange?. Journal of Arid Land, 2014, 6(2): 129-135.

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