Curriculum vitae

ARNDT, Stefan K.-Simplified_CV

ARNDT, Stefan K.

Current Affiliation: School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia



Associate Professor and Professor, School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Research Fellow, Department of Botany, The University of Western Australia

Research Associate, Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology, University of Vienna, Austria


Ph.D., Plant Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria (2000)

BSc./MSc., Westf?lische Wilhelms Universit?t Münster, Germany (1995)

Five Key Research Projects

PI: Integrated understanding of multiple forest values for adaptive forest management ($657,000, funded by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria, Australia)

PI: Methane uptake of forest soils ($270,000, funded by the Australian Research Council, DP120101735)

PI: Climate Change and greenhouse gas emissions in forested landscapes ($746,000; funded by the Department for Sustainability and Environment, Victoria, Australia)

PI: Impacts of deforestation and afforestation on greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon and water resources in the Daly River catchment, north Australia ($448,000, funded by the Australian Research Council, LP100100073)

PI: Integrative assessment of disturbance and land-use change on total greenhouse gas balance and nutrient cycling in savanna ecosystems ($280,000, funded by the Australian Research Council, LP0774812)

Five Key Publications

Arndt, S.K., Wanek, W., Clifford, S.C., Popp, M. (2000). Contrasting adaptations to drought stress in field-grown Ziziphus mauritiana and Prunus persica trees: water relations, osmotic adjustment and carbon isotope composition. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 27: 985-996

Arndt S.K., Arampatsis T., Foetzki A., Li X., Zeng F., Zhang X. (2004). Contrasting patterns of leaf solute accumulation and salt adaptation in four phreatophytic desert plants in a hyperarid desert with saline groundwater. Journal of Arid Environments 59: 259-270

Arndt, S.K., Sanders, G.J., Bristow, M., Hutley, L.B., Beringer, J., Livesley, S.J. (2015) Vulnerability of native savanna trees and exotic Khaya senegalensis to seasonal drought. Tree Physiology 35: 783-791

Zeng F, Yan H, Arndt SK (2009) Leaf and whole tree adaptations to mild salinity in field grown Populus euphratica. Tree Physiology 29: 1237-1246

Liu, B., He, J., Zeng, F., Lei, J., Arndt S.K. (2016) Life span and structure of ephemeral root modules of different functional groups from a desert system. New Phytologist 211: 103-112

Updated on September 15, 2016