Curriculum vitae

LI, Yan-Simplified CV
LI, Yan

Current Affiliation: Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, China



Resaerch Professor, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, CAS, China

Research associate, Institute of Solis and Water, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

Assistant researcher, Institute of Geography, CAS, China


Ph.D., Plant Water Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Isreal (2000)

BSc./MSc., Beijing Normal University, China (1987)

Five Key Research Projects

PI: Vegetation-Water Relations at Temperate Arid Zone. Special Grant for Distinguished Yong Scientist (No. 40725002) from Natural Science Foundation of China; 2008-2011, 2 million RMB

PI: Chemical and physical mechanisms for CO2 absorption by saline/alkaline soils in the arid zone. State Key Project for Basic Research: Grant No. 2009CB825102 from Ministry of Science, 2009-2013, 6 million RMB

PI: National Strategic Priority Project: Carbon sink in the arid saline/alkaline region of China. Grant No. XDA05030500, 2011-2015, 3 million RMB

PI: The impacts of declining groundwater table on native vegetation at northern foot of Tianshan Mountain; Grant from Ministry of Land Resources, 2015-2017, 3 million RMB

PI: The importance of drainage from oases to native vegetation at the desert-oasis ecotone, Grant from Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014-2017, 0.9 million RMB

Five Key Publications

Li Y, Wang Y G, Houghton R A, et al. (2015) Hidden carbon sink beneath desert. Geophysical Research Letters 42(14): 5880-5887.

Ma J, Liu R, Tang L S, Li Y. (2014) A downward CO2 flux seems to have nowhere to go. Biogeosciences 11(22): 6251-6262.

Xie J X, Li Y, Zhai C X, et al. (2009) CO2 absorption by alkaline soils and its implication to the global carbon cycle. Environmental Geology 56(5): 953-961.

Xu, H., Li, Y., Xu, G.Q., Zou, T. (2007) Ecophysiological response and morphological adjustment of two Central Asian desert shrubs towards variation in summer precipitation. Plant, Cell and Environment 30: 399–409

Xu. H., Li, Y.(2006) Water-use strategy of three central Asian desert shrubs and their responses to rain pulse events. Plant and Soil 285:5–17

Updated on September 15, 2016