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Journal of Arid Land
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Nitrogen deposition as an important nutrient from the environment and its impact on ecosystems in China
XueJun LIU, Ling SONG, ChunE HE, FuSuo ZHANG
1 College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China; 2 Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Urumqi 830011, China; 3 Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100193, China
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Abstract   As an example of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition, the paper summarizes the definition, form and amount of nutrient from the environment (NFE) and the relationship between NFE and anthropogenic reactive N emission. Based on our own study and published articles, we find that N wet and dry deposition has been an important nutrient resource in agricultural and natural ecosystems in China. The total amount of N deposition and other environment-derived N in China was up to 18 Tg N/a, equal to approximately 60% of the national N fertilizer consumption. Nitrogen deposition is expected to contribute substantially to nutrient cycling and net primary productivity in various ecosystems. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize this environment-derived nutrient resource by integrated nutrient resource management in order to realize the sustainable development of both agricultural and non-agricultural ecosystems.

Key wordssamara      photosystem II      JIP-test analysis      chlorophyll fluorescence     
Received: 13 April 2010      Published: 07 June 2010
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XueJun LIU, Ling SONG, ChunE HE, FuSuo ZHANG. Nitrogen deposition as an important nutrient from the environment and its impact on ecosystems in China. Journal of Arid Land, 2010, 2(2): 137-143.

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